Bigger and better service for everyone!

We are growing! As such, we believe that you deserve a better service from us. We are proud to announce that we are finally having our own physical store in Las Vegas!

The perfume critic doesn’t really do small steps. We leap, and we are setting roots in Vegas! What more is that this is just one of the four shops we are going to open this year. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers who never left us since we first opened our service to public several years ago. We hope that you are going to stay with us through this new venture and help us succeed in our new endeavor. In turn, we are going to give you a better customer service from us – just exactly what you deserve.

The Perfume Critic store will be located in the heart of the big store names in Las Vegas. We are not going to announce the exact location yet to preserve the element of surprise. Instead, we are letting you make a guess. The first people who get the right street get a generous gift pack from us. We are giving you 500$ worth of voucher you can use in making your next purchase with us. No minimum amount required, just our gift for you.

If that is not enough, we are also going to invite you to the actual opening of our Las Vegas branch. There you get the chance to rub elbows with our guests of honor who are well known in the Hollywood industry. Get to mingle with them throughout the event. Stay in a luxurious hotel suite with 2 of your friends. All expenses paid by The Perfume Critic.

Excited now? Wondering how to join? Simple. All you need to do is to email the answers to our technical team at Please include the keyword ‘I guess’ on your subject so it would be easily filtered and included. Per email, there are only 3 chances of winning so start investigating now for more accurate guesses.

What we can say about our new store is that it is located in a very accessible neighborhood. It is surrounded by expensive names which have been rocking the fashion world since time immemorial. There are also many restaurants in the vicinity in case you want to drop by for a quick meal before or after you buy your favorite perfume with us. We bought our property from the best real estate company in the country. We recommend it to you if you want to buy motivated seller leads real estate. We guaranteed that your every penny will be worth it.

What are you going to expect from this branch? Never-ending store displays of luxurious and economical perfumes. We have it all, just name it. But just to make sure, you can email us to check if we have then perfume of your choice. If we do not have it, we will get it from you. We only want what’s best for our customers.


Be sure to check out our bulletin for the actual date of our opening. Check it also to see if you are one of the lucky winners for this segment. See you around!